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October 2021

From Survive to Thrive

"Very proud to see this super advertorial for our close colleague Manley Hopkinson and his Compassionate Leadership Academy in today's Saturday pages of The Daily Telegraph.  Never a more...

July 2020

New Normal

There is a great deal of discourse on how moving forward we need to be more compassionate and lead with empathy. Since the publication of my book in 2014...

June 2020


We have refreshed our Manley Talks Inspiration website to include more information on, the consultancy services that we offer and the hugely inspirational Compassionate Leadership Academy. We still...

May 2020

March 2020

April 2019

Three Gates

I see so much hurt in the world by ill spoken words, be they by politicians, sports people, journalists or by us all through unsocial social media.  “Sticks and...

March 2019

Let the Journey Begin…..

The Compassionate Leadership Academy (CLA) online learning programme is now ready and live - So.  What is it all about? Before anyone can successfully motivate, influence, lead, collaborate or wield...

October 2018

How Was Your Coffee?

There is so much in the media about the perilous state of our planet. Big floods in India, fires raging in Australia and Greece, hurricanes and typhoons destroying houses and...

September 2018

May 2018

Time for Change

The time is definitely right for change.  Why do I believe the time is right? It’s what I see and hear. The millennial generation for sure look at the more senior generations running...

April 2018

The Long Haul

As I struggled in the record breaking heat over the last 3 miles of this years London Marathon, I smiled inwardly, with only a determined tight lip and a...

February 2018

Woman Power

As I look at the culture that we have created in our corporate world, I am minded of the Suffragette movement that campaigned relentlessly to enable women to engage...

January 2018

From Tragedy to Hope

There are many twists and turns on life’s journey, very few of which are in our control.  What we must never forget, though, is that we can always be in...

October 2017

Podcast – The Rugby Business Network

I was delighted to be asked to take part in an interview for The Rugby Business Network. What a great organisation! The parallels between rugby and business are profound. Listen here

The Power of GET

There is so much stuff that we’ve “got” to do (big sigh)! “I have to take my son back to school“ “I’ve got to go to work” “I need to take the...

April 2017

Plan – what plan?

Our news media is crammed with chattering about Brexit, Scottish Independence and other potential referendums or elections. There is so much advice freely given, demands expressed with outrage, clarion...

November 2016

September 2016

The Global Wine Challenge

We are delighted to announce this spectacular event to be held at the prestigious Chewton Glen Hotel, New Forest, on Friday 18th November 2016. Further details and booking can be...

But there is no certainty…….

BREXIT, Trump, ISIS, Global Warming … There is so much uncertainty in the world. Uncertainty is taking over. The newspapers are full of it.  The television, radio and internet all bombard...

August 2016

Better? Or were we just younger?

I am fortunate enough to be engaged in some great work with the Isle of Man Government and Police; to create a “Compassionate Constabulary and Civil Service” - what...

July 2016

Collective Brilliance in Action

As the UK Labour Party rips itself to pieces and as the Conservative Party, through great statesmanship, pull back from the brink and start to take on its heady...