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From Survive to Thrive

"Very proud to see this super advertorial for our close colleague Manley Hopkinson and his Compassionate Leadership Academy in today's Saturday pages of The Daily Telegraph.  Never a more...

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CEOs Speak

"What a rich conversation - rich in humanity! Your compassionate leadership came not from the boardroom, not from the classroom - but from your real-life experiences - and hence...

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December 2020

Inspiring Books for 2021

Delighted to be featured in CEO TODAY. Empathy has been one of the hottest leadership topics of 2020, but this book was ahead of the curve in many ways, championing...

First – I listen.

One of the most profound, but in essence the most simple leadership lessons I ever learnt, came from the wisdom and the lips of a King - King...

November 2020

Resilience Virtual Event

These beautiful hampers were delivered to our client in preparation for their forthcoming virtual resilience workshop.  A highly interactive, visually stimulating, engaging presentation that challenges the notion that resilience...

October 2020

CLA Digital Badges

Hurrah - we are delighted to announce that upon completion of the Compassionate Leadership online course, students will now receive a certificate and a digital badge that they can...

DO it!

The DO Lectures is here to share stories of remarkable people in the hope they will inspire you to go and do amazing things too.  I was honoured to...

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Psychological Safety

“There’s no team without trust,” says Paul Santagata, Head of Industry at Google. He knows the results of the tech giant’s massive two-year study on team performance, which revealed that...

July 2020

New Normal

There is a great deal of discourse on how moving forward we need to be more compassionate and lead with empathy. Since the publication of my book in 2014...

June 2020


We have refreshed our Manley Talks Inspiration website to include more information on, the consultancy services that we offer and the hugely inspirational Compassionate Leadership Academy. We still...