Manley Talks and The Compassionate Leadership Academy provide successful leadership, learning and cultural change programmes that create commitment, engagement and ultimately performance.  Manley Hopkinson is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker and currently works as a consultant in leadership, people and performance to a number of global companies.

Areas of Expertise


  • Inspirational and memorable keynote presentations.
  • Compassionate Leadership – leading voice and author.
  • Host/MC events & conferences.


  • Personal Development & Leadership programmes using
    The Compassionate Leadership Academy online course – CLA Digital.
    (Accredited by The Institute of Leadership & CPD UK).
  • Level 5 – Operations & Departmental Manager Apprenticeship.


  • Create your Organisation Guiding Message.
  • Senior Leadership Team Development, Performance & Alignment.
  • High Performance Cultural Alignment (HPCA).
  • Core Values Refresh


  • High Performance Diagnostic – in conjunction with HPO
  • Data Insights – performance & people analytics in conjunction with Mind Alpha

We love what we do:

Manley Talks was established in 1999 – with over 20 years experience, our reputation for excellence, global client base and proven results has ensured our continued involvement in a significant number of organisations.  Manley Hopkinson is an accomplished keynote speaker, author and pioneer in the development and implementation of compassionate leadership cultural change programmes.   In 2014 he published his book Compassionate Leadership (Second Edition 2022) and in 2015 founded The Compassionate Leadership Academy.  We use a carefully selected team of experienced associates and coaches to deliver and facilitate our programmes.

We will ensure:

  • Your leadership teams are effective and collectively brilliant.
  • All effort is leveraged to deliver your strategy, values and purpose.
  • All your people are committed, aligned, engaged, and feel valued.
  • A positive and sustainable change in your organisation.

We believe in:

  • Story telling – to create moments of inspiration, using real life situations to motivate and to embed learning.
  • Inclusive learning and training  – leadership is about influence not status.
  • Compassionate leadership as the route to commitment.
  • Commitment as the route to engagement, collaboration, growth, resilience, innovation, motivation, well-being, happiness, greater productivity and, ultimately, performance.
  • Working with our brains and tapping into the power of neural physiology to enable change.
  • Brilliance in the collective – building brilliant teams,
  • Providing evidence that measures the positive impact of our work.
  • Make it fun – “enjoy the journey”.

**Second Edition** Compassionate Leadership: How to create and maintain engaged, committed and high-performing teams