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Manley Inspiration is a highly regarded consultancy devoted to developing compassionate leadership skills, high performing teams and high performing organisations, working with business, government and civil institutions globally.

Founded by Manley Hopkinson, Manley Inspiration combines his unique lessons in leadership and teamwork, drawn from his extraordinary Stories of adventures across oceans and ice, his extensive experience as a Board member of several global businesses, to share meaningful, memorable and useable lessons, Actions, that create high performing teams of engaged committed individuals and compassionate leaders.

Manley’s widely acclaimed book, Compassionate Leadership distills the essence of his learning and philosophies in a truly memorable and actionable way. His lessons are made accessible to all through the new Compassionate Leadership Academy (CLA), the online learning programme, created and delivered by Manley, in his own indomitable style.

The Proof of high performance lies in the scientifically validated research of the HPO centre (High Performance Organisation Centre) in Holland, led by Dr Andre de Waal, MSc, MBA, PhD.  Manley Inspiration are delighted to represent the HPO centre in the UK, delivering their outstanding HPO framework, which benchmarks an organisations’ performance against its peer group, highlighting proven key factors which affect performance.

Story. Action. Proof.  Welcome to Manley Inspiration &  The Compassionate Leadership Academy.




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