The Winning Mindset

What does it actually take for your team to win? Join Manley as he races to the North Pole and discover the power of a shared commitment in giving all the motivation and strength to win. Challenging the status quo, and with the discipline to do what has to be done, find out what happens when the team come face to face with a polar bear. Can compassion help Manley, the team and the bear survive? Face your biggest challenges and find the compassionate solution to secure the best for all.

The Take-Away

In a highly competitive world, everyone is striving to win, to be better than the competition and to dominate their market. Doing the same as the competition and hoping to win is small margin stuff and mostly out of your influence. Hope is not a great strategy! Be bold. Make a step change. In Manley’s “Winning Mindset” keynote talk you will learn some key behavioural and mental skills that will set you apart from the competition – tangible tools to enable success.

As a public speaker you have such a very fine delivery style, a very good balance of wit and guidance, I can see how you must inspire people to follow you, even into the eye of the storm with confidence.

John G Heath RAF VR(T), Squadron Leader

in my 19 years as a police officer, that was the best presentation I have ever experienced. I came away feeling inspired and motivated. I could have listened to him for hours!

Detective Constable Donna Murdoch , City Police

The guest speaker was superb, get him back! Thanks very much for making such a great impact on our audience!

Andrea Davis, Internal Communications Manager - Xerox Europe and UK

This talk will stay with me for a long time.

Orange Door Event

Watch him and you know what leadership looks like. Listen to him and you learn what it entails.

Royal Bank of Scotland

He is so generous with his level of energy, passion and sharing of his knowledge and enthusiasm –  it’s so infectious!

(Shirley) Delegate , Pathway to Purpose – South Africa

It is always inspirational to hear how leadership is applied and tested in such extreme conditions and think about how they translate to the corporate world.

Todd Corder, GE Gas Power

I thought your presentation was great with some really powerful messages.

Lynn Nicholson, Barclays Bank

Manley had me hanging on his every word. His passion is infectious

Orange Door Event

My main take away was the value of understanding individuals motivation better. To have that insight around what makes a person tick, really places managers in a powerful position to get the best out of their team.

Orange Door Event

Informative, fun and engaging.

Edward Murray , CEO - Omni Group

Wow, what a brilliant way to end our amazing company away day.

Orange Door Event

Thank you for an outstanding, inspiring, and thought provoking presentation

James O’Donnell , Citi

I thought Manley’s exposé was very powerful, a rare combination of wit and real depth.


We only occasionally treat ourselves to a guest speaker and you really made the day for us.

Martin Trott , Executive Officer to the Serjeant at Arms - House of Commons

His engaging approach to storytelling kept our audience captivated who learnt all about this experience of leading a team while taking part in the toughest yacht race on earth.

Gill Shaw, BSS