Compassionate leadership is first understanding ourselves, then understanding the needs of others, and finally acting with positive intent – securing the best for all.  Compassion is not a “soft skill” it is an essential life skill.

Personal Development

We need to take time to invest in ourselves.  Personal growth and learning  is vital for well-being, self-esteem, and to develop our emotional intelligence.  This gives us confidence to interact and relate with those around us.  The CLA is for any individual that has a desire to grow, to lead, to learn and to commit.  Completion of the CLA will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and then a tool kit to help you understand others.  A vital life skill in the volatile, uncertain, complex world.  The CLA is approved and accredited by the Institute of Learning & Management, which means that it is recognised as part of your Continuous Personal Development in your place of work.

Before any leader can successfully wield leadership tools, they need to heighten their own awareness, emotional intelligence and understanding.  The greatest leadership impact requires a strong degree of empathy, leading to conscious positive action.


Whether you currently lead teams or aspire to lead teams one thing is certain, compliance has a short-term and sometimes negative impact.  Forcing compliance is easy.  Anyone can make another do something, a task, a job.  It will get done; but when, and to what standard and will it ever improve?  If you or your team are disengaged then you are a long way from high performance.

The CLA challenges the traditional and outdated principles of leadership.  Leadership is about influence, not about hierarchy or status, and we believe leaders exist in all areas of the organisation.  The CLA is designed to be company-wide learning, not mutually exclusive;  one thing for the senior leaders and another for everyone else.  It is intended to be inclusive, to bring people together, to improve communication, trust and build relationships.  It creates a common language of leadership, it aligns your purpose and values.  Gaining commitment also delivers, collaboration, growth, resilience, innovation, motivation, well-being, greater productivity and ultimately REAL behavioural and positive cultural change.

We so fundamentally believe  in leadership for all – securing the best for all – that we deliberately made our programme financially affordable.  The course is accessible by individual subscription, with two payment options.  For corporate or group subscriptions and engagement packages, please contact us.

See videos for further information.

How Does it Work?

The Compassionate Leadership Academy online course consists of 26 bitesize modules designed as an interactive, inspirational journey of learning.  Manley is your online personal tutor and will guide you through the course.  We also operate an online help desk to support your learning and development.

The first part of the CLA online course is all about YOU – we call it – Individual Authenticity.  To be a compassionate leader first we have to know about ourselves, our own motivations, our own frailties, our needs and fears and the impact we have on others.

The second part is called Collective Brilliance – learn the tools of a compassionate leader and recognise the impact on those around you.  Once we are truly aware of ourself then we can start to grow our knowledge of others, and the only way to be a compassionate leader is to work with that knowledge of the other, the empathy, the understanding with positive intent.

A unique aspect of the Compassionate Leadership Academy online course is that we can measure the impact of the course.  For corporate group subscriptions together with MyPeople Group we will measure team behaviours, team alignment and team relationships – all key components of trust, commitment and performance.  *Please note there is an additional fee for this service.

CLA course on iphone

Module 1 - Behind the Scenes: The Physiology Driving the Psychology

A look at the mindset of growth to set us up ready to learn and I will introduce an excellent model we can apply to ensure we are totally present and able to handle distractions.

Module 2 - The Truth Behind Changing Behaviour

A deeper into understanding how we learn, with discussions into neural plasticity and the creation of “highways of habit”.

Module 3 - The Power of Purpose

Recognising that emotions have a massive part to play in driving our actions, this week we will discuss and understand more about the impact of purpose.

Module 4 - Story Theory

Discover how to inspire others to join our journey through the power of story.

Module 5 - Leadership Lessons from Life

I would like to share some of my life’s lessons, things I have learnt along the way that has stuck with me and helped fashion the creation of compassionate leadership.

Module 6 - Leadership Lessons from the North Pole

Great lessons on leadership, team work, performance, success and personal resilience all of them formative in the understanding of creating commitment; the desired outcome of compassionate leadership.

Module 7 - Leadership Lessons from Sailing around the World

I share some of the adventure and the lessons of compassionate leadership learnt on the “world’s toughest yacht race”.

Module 8 - The Big Journey

We bring together the theories we have discussed in the first few weeks of this program with a big story, and so we create “The Big Journey”, revealing our inner motivational drivers.

Module 9 - Introduction Phase Test

The first phase of your journey to compassionate leadership is done. The previous 8 modules have laid the foundations for our journey.

Module 10 - Main Programme Introduction

Well done. You are now into the main programme of the compassionate leadership academy and are ready to understand more about the tools of a compassionate leader.

Module 11 – Communications

Looking at the principles of communication rather than the tools we might use. Understanding what impacts our ability to communicate effectively and effective group communications.

Module 12 – Delegation

Poor delegation has a dramatic and negative impact on staff engagement and commitment. It stops both personal and organisational growth. As a compassionate leader we are striving for commitment and performance.

Module 13 - Power & Influence

There is much confusion about what is power and where it comes from, and what enables one person to influence another. Clearly, a big part of leadership is in being able to influence. You could argue that it is the most important aspect in terms of organisational alignment and performance.

Module 14 - Time Management

Time is our most precious commodity. We can never get enough. The focus of this module is the emotonal impact of poor time management.

Module 15 - 1st Test and Certification

Time for your first test to check your understanding of the modules you have completed to date.

Module 16 - Feedback

Feedback is about growth, about caring. Feedback is a cornerstone of compassion. So let us look at the mindset of feedback. What happens within us before, during and after some feedback?

Module 17 – Motivation

Understanding what motivates you, what lights your fire, is key to your own energy and drive. Tap into a persons inner motivations and the commitment through self-worth follows driving action and performance.

Module 18 – Coaching

An introduction to a brilliantly simple and effective coaching tool called the GROW model.

Module 19 - Decision Making

I will introduce the extraordinarily brilliant Decision Line model that helps us individually and collectively to always make the right decision.

Module 20 - 2nd Test and Certification

Time for another review and test. You clearly passed the first one so you know what it takes.

Module 21 - Situational Leadership

We will learn, what our natural situational leadership preference might be, and how effective it actually is, and we will create a series of hugely practical tools that will enable the dialogue with our people to agree and match our leadership style to their leadership need.

Module 22 - Balanced Leadership

We need to re-balance our leadership priorities and that is just what we will do this week as we introduce John Adair’s powerful, timeless model on leadership that he calls Action Centred Leadership.

Module 23 - Building Trust

One of the main outcomes of being a compassionate leaders is in building trust, in and from the people around you. Trust is a precursor to the commitment we strive for It is a word you hear much, but what actually is trust and how do we get it?

Module 24 - Johari

The superb Johari Window model is a simple and useful tool for illustrating and improving self-awareness, and mutual understanding between individuals. It can also be used to assess and improve a group’s relationship with other groups.

Module 25 - 3rd Overview and Test

Ok, so this is your final intermediary test. Well done on passing your previous test. You are now close to understanding the principles compassionate leader

Module 26 - Launchpad

A whole course review to guide your personal mission statement, create an impact assessment and plan your future growth as a compassionate leader.  An opportunity to connect with fellow graduates, collect your certificate and complete the ILM accreditation process.  Hurrah.


Personal Development

Improved Well-Being – With a focus on developing all 4 quadrants of personal growth (intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical), the CLA helps develop a strong sense of self worth leading to improvement in well being and mental health.

Improved Relationships – Understanding others and acting with positive intent creates successful, empathetic, valuable relationships at home, work and in the wider community.

Continuous Professional Development – Being accredited by the Institute for Leadership & Management, the CLA online programme counts toward your Continuous Professional Development (CPD).  This may enhance your career prospects.


Leadership Capability Growth – design to develop leadership capability at all levels so amplifying the impact of the programme and assisting in creating opportunity throughout your organisation.  CLA creates a common language of leadership.

Real Behavioural Change – Little and often creates real behavioural change that can be leveraged internally leading to tangible benefits. This also allows the programme to be accessed within the working environment whilst minimising staff time off-task thus bringing the application of good leadership directly into the organisation.

Employee Psychological Safety – Employees feel included, safe to learn, safe to contribute and safe to challenge the status quo.

Improved Decision Making  – With improved communication and delegation the CLA also specifically develops the ability to ensure decisions are aligned to strategic intent at all levels.

Improved Team Development – With teams engaging in the programme together, it speeds up the team formation and development cycle.  It promotes collective brilliance leading to results.

Improved Staff Engagement – Raised self-awareness of staff and the visible investment in staff development will improve staff engagement. The inspiring and story-telling style of the programme has a positive motivational effect too.

Performance – The creation of an inclusive compassionate team generates commitment, collaboration and ultimately high performance at all levels.

Remote/Virtual/Field Teams – The online delivery methodology allows teams to engage collectively regardless of geographical spread.

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The Course

Answers to workbook activities and personal development plans can be viewed and updated at any time. Quizzes are also available to take multiple times. Some activities and feedback are only available to answer once.

There are 26 modules and we recommend a minimum of 45 minutes per module.  You will have access to the course for 24 months from the first log in.  We recommend that you do not rush but leave a gap between modules to reflect and embed your learning.

We do strongly recommend that you get into a habit of learning and that you plan the 45-60 minutes per module, put it in your diary as an investment in your personal development.

Yes, this is another unique aspect of the course.  You are allowed to retake the tests and given support to enable you to pass to the next learning stage.  There is a 100% pass mark for all assessments, but we will guide you to the result.

Yes – you can turn on the caption function “CC” on all of the video content.

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We use social media to regularly comment and promote discussion on topical issues relating to compassion. There are also forums throughout the course. Please follow us and join the conversation.  We welcome your comments and feedback.

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Yes, the course has been approved and accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).  ILM is the UK’s leading provider of leadership qualifications. ILM is dedicated to improving leadership development, both in the UK and worldwide, ensuring businesses and individuals are equipped for the working world now and in the future. You can join the ILM at a heavily discounted rate once you complete Module 1 of the CLA

On successful completion of the course you will receive the Compassionate Leadership Academy certificate. If, through the CLA, you also joined the Institute of Leadership and Management, you will also receive their certificate of completion

Yes, The ILM certificate can be used as part of your ILM Level 5 accreditation; you can then add the letters MInstLM after your name. You can also use your Institute certificate, through the principle of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), to fast-track the qualification requirements within the City & Guilds leadership programmes.

Compassionate Leadership: How to create and maintain engaged, committed and high-performing teams