October 2017

Podcast – The Rugby Business Network

I was delighted to be asked to take part in an interview for The Rugby Business Network. What a great organisation! The parallels between rugby and business are profound. Listen here

The Power of GET

There is so much stuff that we’ve “got” to do (big sigh)! “I have to take my son back to school“ “I’ve got to go to work” “I need to take the...

April 2017

Plan – what plan?

Our news media is crammed with chattering about Brexit, Scottish Independence and other potential referendums or elections. There is so much advice freely given, demands expressed with outrage, clarion...

November 2016

September 2016

The Global Wine Challenge

We are delighted to announce this spectacular event to be held at the prestigious Chewton Glen Hotel, New Forest, on Friday 18th November 2016. Further details and booking can be...

But there is no certainty…….

BREXIT, Trump, ISIS, Global Warming … There is so much uncertainty in the world. Uncertainty is taking over. The newspapers are full of it.  The television, radio and internet all bombard...

August 2016

Better? Or were we just younger?

I am fortunate enough to be engaged in some great work with the Isle of Man Government and Police; to create a “Compassionate Constabulary and Civil Service” - what...

July 2016

Collective Brilliance in Action

As the UK Labour Party rips itself to pieces and as the Conservative Party, through great statesmanship, pull back from the brink and start to take on its heady...

June 2016

Compassionate Brexit

The “Arrow of Time” as Dr Brian Cox describes it, means that “things can never be the same”! Through the process of “entropy” what was, will never be again....

Manley Inspiration


Welcome to our new website! Exciting times at Manley Inspiration with so much happening that we decided to completely redesign our website and messaging to share the news with you. There...

May 2016


Serendipity John

I was recently in the beautiful city of Dublin to work with a truly international team of leaders from a multi-national organisation that I had been working with for...


Check in or die!

I recently ran a workshop for one of the boards of a large organisation in the UK. The outcome was to create a stronger team dynamic, developing the themes...