How do we measure the Impact of Compassionate Leadership?

They say that what is measured get’s done, but I believe measurement is much more inspiring than that, it’s not just about creating a motivation to act, it is about tracking your journey, of reinforcing your learning and understanding how far you have travelled. Like when you climb a mountain and every now again just pause, look back and realise just how much height you have gained. Wow!  Measuring creates an awareness of your growth and your journey, and that is inspiring.

Measuring the right thing is clearly critical to enable your journey of growth, and that’s where MyPeople Group come in, we are HUGELY excited to announce that we have teamed up with them to uniquely allow you to truly measure the impact the CLA is making on all aspects of your life and leadership. 

MyPeople Group discovered, through work with sporting teams, ways to measure and improve communication, team behaviours, player motivation and team cohesion that deliver tangible performance gains.

MyPeople Group team is formed of the network of data scientists and psychologists that supported Great Britain cycling, Great Britain rowing, Team Sky cycling, Leicester Football Club (the year they won), the British and Irish Lions rugby team and the England Rugby team to achieve phenomenal and sustained success. The application of their research and analysis led to over 30 World Championship titles, 20 Olympic Gold medals, 1 Six Nations Grand Slam, 3 Six Nations tournaments wins, 2 undefeated Lions tours, 1 Premier League football title and 3 Tour De France wins. This is pure gold.

Having applied that learning in industry too, MyPeople Group now gives us, you and me, access to some of the tools that worked so successfully for sporting teams. They measure the human factors that contribute to high performance cultures, so that everyone in an organisation is pointing in the same direction – aligning and maximising the impact of all our effort.

So how does it work? At specific touch points in the compassionate leadership programme – on registration and in Modules 9, 15, 20 & 25 with a final review in Module 26 you will be asked to complete a short online survey, the results of which will be processed and shared with you almost instantly.

There are 4 simple steps we need to take to measure culture and the impact of the compassionate leadership academy on you, your team and your organisation.

Firstly, we measure the strength of bonds between you and those you work with – the strength of your relationships.  Because working with people who are invested in you and who you want to go the extra mile for, increases your chances of success and raises performance all round, it is the basis of commitment.

Secondly,  we want to see how you really feel about the values and culture of your organisation. Do you share the values and behaviours of your peers and your community?  Understanding where you, your peers and your organisation are aligned creates a collective brilliance, and understanding the differences can be actively fed into innovation – both positively impact the creation of a sustained high performance culture.

Then we look at you, your personality.  A compassionate leader needs to start from a place of self knowledge.  Our simple survey will help you to understand more about yourself, another piece in the jigsaw of you, and will help map your personality to those around you to see how that impacts your performance, in good and bad moments!

And finally we will use the MyPeople Group tool to assess your mood throughout the course.  How you are feeling on a regular basis.  This dynamic mood assessment looks at a more frequent measure of how you feel and helps map your mood to your journey on the compassionate leadership programme and to your performance

The benefits are many and varied, whether you are engaged in this programme as an individual or as part of an organisation.  As you climb your own personal mountain, these tools will help you see just how far you have come and give you clear sight of where you have to go next.

This measurement of the Compassionate Leadership Programme uniquely gives us a pathway to collective brilliance.  It helps us truly shine as individuals and it aids in our relationships thus aligning all of our intent and effort .

What an extraordinary opportunity.

So let us now not just enjoy the journey, but let’s track it too.

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