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The Compassionate Leadership Academy (CLA) online learning programme is now ready and live –

So.  What is it all about?

Before anyone can successfully motivate, influence, lead, collaborate or wield any leadership tools, they will need to heighten their own awareness, emotional intelligence and understanding. The greatest leadership and relationship impact will be through a strong degree of empathy and then to consciously act on that understanding with a positive and aligned intent.

This, in essence, is Compassion, defined by the Dalai Lama (paraphrased) as “Empathy with Positive Action”, which when applied through the principle of “Securing the Best for All”, the definition of Compassionate Leadership, creates individual and team commitment to organisational purpose and strategic intent.

Gaining commitment delivers not only greater productivity but also engagement, resilience, innovation, motivation, well-being and happiness.

The key elements of the online CLA programme are

  • Regular cadence of learning with 30 minute modules and a 7-day scheduled opportunity to apply learning.
  • Based on the science of behavioural change and neural-physiology with a circular programme of interlocking learning
  • Uniquely, it creates a compassionate leadership “mindset” and awareness first, then introduces hugely practical leadership tools.
  • Downloadable support materials and online FAQ’s and support.
  • Strong data analytics that allow for organisational alignment of understanding and application.
  • Interactive, engaging, inspirational and practical.
  • Student forums and feedback mechanism.
  • Regular prompts, testing and certification stages.

There are three distinct parts of the CLA programme;

  1. Individual authenticity: The first 2 months set the scene on the concepts of compassion – “empathy with positive action” – and in raising the students’ self-awareness, emotional intelligence and sense of self-worth. The student has the facilitated opportunity to develop their own purpose statement, their own “story”, their own “Iceberg” (to articulate they inner motivations, needs, beliefs, values and social filters) and will be given some of the basic principles of compassionate leadership and the power of story in influence. They will also understand more about the neural-physiology of behavioural change and what it takes to learn effectively. On completion, they will be tested and, when successful, will be ready for the Main Programme.         
  2. Collective Brilliance – The Main Programme consists of 12 individual yet interdependent and building modules on the application of compassion in leadership, relationships and self-development. This is a hugely powerful programme of personal development. Topics covered include; Communication, Delegation, Power & Influence, Time & Task, Feedback, Motivation, Coaching, Decision Making, Situational Leadership, Balanced Leadership, Building Trust and Relationship Awareness. Each subject is presented from the perspective of receiving as well as giving; our firm belief is that leadership, collaboration and teamwork are all two-way processes. The student will need to pass a number of stage tests to continue.                                           
  3. Longterm Productivity – At the 6 month mark we now move into the Masterclass Programme, where the CLA has invited some of the world’s most respected thinkers and leaders on some of the wider aspects of leadership and relationships, including; Well-Being, The Power of Sleep, Energy Medicine, Female Energy, Mindfulness, Transactional Analysis, Team Dysfunctions, DeBono Thinking, Strength Deployment Inventory, Artificial Intelligence, 3-Horizons Strategic Thinking, Growth Mindset, Agility, Resilience, Presentation Skills, Stress, High Performance Organisations, Challenge Culture, Organisational Alignment, as well as regular reviews on the previous learnings. This gives the students the chance to embed the wider skills of influence, motivation, collaboration, well-being and performance.                                                            

Thank you again for your support and I look forward to our journey together toward being compassionate leaders.



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