Time for Change

The time is definitely right for change.  Why do I believe the time is right?

It’s what I see and hear. The millennial generation for sure look at the more senior generations running our corporate world and say “We don’t want to work like that”. And who can blame them. They are looking for more satisfaction in their work, a greater sense of self-worth and a more holistic view on their impact. Our generation has been hugely damaging to planet Earth. The next will need to stabilise, recover and regenerate as a matter of absolute priority. We need to be more compassionate to ourselves, our fellow citizens and the planet right now!

I believe the time is right when I consider the ever widening gap between those that have and those that have not, on an individual and a more global scale, and how one side is driven by growing desire to increase their possession and status at the expense of the other, whilst simultaneously forcing a deepening dependance through their “generosity” based on self and false altruism.

I believe the time is right when I feel the anger in our society coupled with a lack of accountability driving a “social” media that is anything but “social”. Open scorn pours out from a deep well of personal bitterness and is broadcast for the world to see regardless of its accuracy or impact.

And…….. because the luminaries of Harvard are also beginning to write about it too.

When researchers Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqualine Carter looked at the factors that separated exceptional leaders from the pack, one trait stood out above the rest: compassion.

In surveying over 1,000 business leaders across more than 800 organisations, they found that leaders who exhibited (or perceived by the team to exhibit) high levels of compassion had teams who scored higher on critical performance dynamics within their organisations. Teams led by compassionate leaders exhibited better intra-team collaboration, stronger commitment to the company, and far lower turnover rates than those led by less-compassionate leaders.

Are you a compassionate leader?

Full article posted by Adam Robinson, Co-founder and CEO of Hireology.

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