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August 2022

Business Breakfast

Up bright and early to chat with Joe Lynham about my new book (second edition - two new chapters) and The Compassionate Leadership Academy. Take a listen HERE

May 2022

Lead to Wellness

We were exhibiting at the Business Revival show in Excel, London in March this year when it dawned on me that we are getting it all wrong; they can’t be...

Compassion is a verb

So much has been written about the meaning of the word Compassion that seems to contradict and confuse, or, even worse, put people off practicing it. It gets confused...

October 2021

December 2020

October 2020

DO it!

The DO Lectures is here to share stories of remarkable people in the hope they will inspire you to go and do amazing things too.  I was honoured to be...

May 2020

April 2020

Global Balance

In these extraordinary times it is easy for us to lose focus on the concept of a global balance, but, I firmly believe that our survival and our futures depend...

March 2020

January 2020

October 2019

September 2019

Exciting News

The CLA is, officially, Institute of Leadership and Management Approved. Not only is the CLA unique in its format, style and content,  but now it is approved and accredited.  The ILM...

May 2018

Time for Change

The time is definitely right for change.  Why do I believe the time is right? It’s what I see and hear. The millennial generation for sure look at the more senior generations running our...

April 2018

The Long Haul

As I struggled in the record breaking heat over the last 3 miles of this years London Marathon, I smiled inwardly, with only a determined tight lip and a furrowed...

January 2018

From Tragedy to Hope

There are many twists and turns on life’s journey, very few of which are in our control.  What we must never forget, though, is that we can always be in control...

October 2017

The Power of GET

There is so much stuff that we’ve “got” to do (big sigh)! “I have to take my son back to school“ “I’ve got to go to work” “I need to take the car...

April 2017

Plan – what plan?

Our news media is crammed with chattering about Brexit, Scottish Independence and other potential referendums or elections. There is so much advice freely given, demands expressed with outrage, clarion calls...

November 2016

Keep Calm and Move On

Let Obama be an example to us!! Not in every way, but in the way that, despite the depth of the rhetoric in the election, Obama is soothing the open...