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The “Arrow of Time” as Dr Brian Cox describes it, means that “things can never be the same”! Through the process of “entropy” what was, will never be again.  Yesterday, the people of Britain went to the polls to decide whether to stay in the EU or to leave.

17,410,742 voted to leave and 16,141,241 to remain

The die was cast

Britain will leave the EU

The “Arrow of Time” is true

But a 51/49 split is no resounding victory or a mandate to pursue non inclusive agendas. Any “past the post” vote has equal potential to disenfranchise as it does to engage.  What we need now is true Compassionate Leadership.

David Cameron has decided to step down. We must admire him for his courage to bring us to today and for his personal integrity in relinquishing the reins. In his words, we need “fresh leadership” and someone new to “steer the ship”.

But in rough seas you need to restore order and calm onboard. Now is not the time to make others “walk the plank”. It is not the time to force through overtly partisan political agendas.

We need the new leadership to be compassionate, and that means “understanding the thoughts and needs of ALL and working with that knowledge with positive intent”.

No gloating, no shouting, there is unifying work to be done.  No crowing, no stone throwing, we need to come together  We must have a coherent, strong team in these unchartered waters.

But any threat can also be perceived as an opportunity, and, whatever your beliefs might be about the sensibility of the vote, we need to set our attitude to one of positivity, collaboration, compassion, humility and courage.

No rush, no hurry, control our emotions and move ever onwards and upwards.  We have an opportunity to embrace the world, let us take it with both hands!

A new era unfolds. The era of Compassionate Leadership

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