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An internationally acclaimed and admired motivational speaker, Manley uses powerful stories and metaphors to deliver memorable and enjoyable keynote presentations.  He is a pioneer and leading voice on the subject of Compassionate Leadership and his articles and comments are regularly featured in the media.

Manley Hopkinson is an explorer, author, accomplished keynote speaker, director, senior advisor and the leading voice in the field of Compassionate Leadership. His strength lies in creating and developing the transformational leadership behaviours which lead to commitment, engagement and ultimately performance.

Founder Manley Hopkinson
Founder Manley Hopkinson

With the core of his talks revolving around his phenomenal experiences, Manley develops the themes of fulfilling you and your team’s potential and achieving far beyond your own perceived abilities.  Manley believes in the power of storytelling accompanied by professional video footage and images, to provide enjoyable and memorable keynote presentations.

Manley talking about hurricane

Manley was schooled on leadership through a mix of practical and academic. He twice served as an Officer in the Royal Navy, re-joining for the first Gulf War and in between Manley was an Inspector in the Royal Hong Kong Marine Police. He has been a Board member, consultant and advisor to several international businesses.

In 2000, he was selected as a skipper in the BT Global Challenge round the world yacht race, leading a team of volunteers, including novices, for 9 months in a 32,000 mile journey, the “wrong way”!  He also delivered his first after dinner speech at the official welcome event in Wellington, New Zealand.

Manley continued his adventures as part of the 3-man team that won the inaugural race to the Magnetic North Pole. The team faced polar bear attacks, and sub-zero temperatures, learning huge lessons about both surviving and competing in very difficult circumstances. Their record time of 10 days and 9 hours still stands. He continues to partake in skiing expeditions in remote parts of the globe recently returning from Kurdistan.  He regularly sails in the Round The Island Race and at Cowes Week.  His next ski expedition will be to Greenland in April 2023,  he is always busy planning his next BIG adventure.

In 2014 Manley published his acclaimed book Compassionate Leadership (Piatkus), the second edition published in 2022 included two new chapters on resilience and remote leadership.  In 2015 he founded The Compassionate Leadership Academy and is considered to be a pioneer in this field,  regularly featured in  a variety of media.  He continues to work as a consultant to the board and Director of People & Performance in a number of companies.

Manley has delivered over 500 keynote speeches in small board rooms, conference centres, outdoor venues and large auditoriums globally.   He will always engage with the client to create a bespoke event that aligns with your company values, theme and desired outcome.  All of this, in his unique, refreshing, indomitable style.   “Give a team a real sense of purpose and direction, motivate and inspire them and it is incredible what can be achieved”.

Manley is available as a panellist in live or recorded events, for press comments, and is media trained in TV and radio broadcast.  Keynote presentations can be delivered virtually.

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