We understand that organisations wish to see evidence of their progress.  Defining and targeting movement toward Key Performance Indicators is part of our process. With our partners HPO and MyPeople Group we can tap into a world of science, analytics, evidence, experience and knowledge to keep you focussed on your journey to high performance and success.

In close partnership with you, we will agree and monitor tailored KPI’s aligned with your strategic goals and intent and our part in it.

Some suitable KPIs might include:

  • Employee turnover rate
  • Employee engagement index
  • Employee satisfaction index
  • Internal recruitment ratios
  • Development achievements
  • Employee innovation index
  • Training effectiveness

We have partnered with two extraordinary organisations, both experts in their field with validated scientific and empirical evidence to support their research, analysis and results.

Employee Turnover Rate


The HPO Diagnostic & Framework is not an initiative. It is the vision of the organisation. It becomes the culture.  It becomes “business as usual” where every element of the organisation is focused and aligned to one goal – that of becoming a High Performance Organisation.

The definition of an HPO as “an organisation that achieves financial and non-financial results that are increasingly better than those of its peer group over a period of time of five years or more, by focusing in a disciplined way on that which really matters”.

The HPO Centre carry out an independent diagnostic analysis of your organisation that we use as a baseline for all activity and a measure of progress.  A full HPO diagnosis takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks to complete depending on the size of organisation. The HPO Diagnostic gives a comprehensive analysis of the organisation’s performance within the HPO Framework, identifying specific areas where performance improvement initiatives will most benefit the organisation as a whole.

MTI have been working with Dr André de Waal of the HPO Centre, Holland and using their ground breaking research for over 12 years assisting many organisations with their journey to high performance.

In brief, the HPO research is an ongoing meta-analysis of over 500 global publications on high performance, tested and empirically measured in over 40 countries and across all sectors.

The research proved that all organisations that were outperforming their peer group excelled in 35 HPO characteristics that sit within 5 HPO Factors

  • Quality of Management
  • Open & Action Orientation
  • Long Term Orientation
  • Continuous Improvement & Renewal
  • Employee Quality

The HPO diagnostic can be conducted independently or as part of the High Performance Cultural Alignment programme (HPCA).

My People Group

Strategy, processes, organisational structure and financial levers can only do so much. The biggest impact on the journey to high performance is in creating the culture of high performance.

MyPeople Group have over 20 years of experience and research and practice working with high performing teams, have found the key factors that consistently have the most statistically impactful input on performance.

We measure  the three categories of psychological and emotional inputs that drive team and organisational performance: Team Behaviours, Team Alignment, Team Relationships (BAR). These combine together to give a team and organisational Trust score.

  • Behaviours, we measure how well the behaviours and values are demonstrated by individuals and teams throughout the organisation.
  • Alignment, we measure the alignment of focus across departments, teams and individuals in key action areas.
  • Relationships we measure Mood, Psychological Safety, Job, Social, Leadership and Organisational capital.

You can access this extraordinary research and analysis in two ways;

  • HPCA – as an integral part of our high performance cultural alignment programme, or
  • CLA – when you enrol your organisation on the Compassionate Leadership Academy online course we create automated surveys and analysis at key learning stages.

ILM Level 5 – Accreditation

The Institute of Leadership and Management have approved the Compassionate Leadership Academy online course in accordance with their Dimensions of Leadership framework and will be our accrediting body.

This close relationship with the Institute enables us to offer you discounted joining fees of only £54 (usually £150) allowing you unrivalled access to their huge leadership development resources and many other benefits that Institute membership brings, all adding to your leadership learning journey.

You can join the ILM through the CLA at the end of the first CLA Module. On successful completion of the whole CLA course, you will receive their formal certificate which can contribute towards the ILM Level 5 accreditation.  You are also invited to use the post-nominal letters MInstLM after your name.

Additionally, the Institute certificate, can be used through the principle of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), to fast-track the qualification requirements within the City & Guilds leadership programmes.

Compassionate Leadership: How to create and maintain engaged, committed and high-performing teams