Manley challenges all existing models of leadership development with proven results.  Rather than forcing compliance, the focus is on gaining commitment by raising levels of self and team awareness, then aligning personal and organisational values & purpose, leading to more effective business and personal relationships – collective brilliance.


Manley applies his extensive leadership experience to great effect by designing and leading successful cultural change programmes, specifically, delivering the behavioural and cultural changes needed to step from strategising to implementing and then onto high performance.  He has sat on the Board of a number of organisations globally, including ATLAS Consortium, Hewlett Packard Defence UK and is currently a People and Performance consultant at Ark Data Centres UK, who have achieved the prestigious Investors in People, Platinum Award.  He continues to advise and guide a number of organisations on their transformation journey and  is a Senior Advisor at McKinsey & Company, London.

In 2014, Manley published the book “Compassionate Leadership: How to Create and Maintain Engaged, Committed and High-Performing Teams”. In this highly acclaimed, entertaining and hugely readable book, Manley combines the two worlds of business and adventure to encourage leaders and aspiring leaders to take a new approach of cultivating a growth mind set whilst creating teams of self aware,  committed individuals.  In 2018, The Compassionate Leadership Academy online course was launched, ensuring that leadership and personal development was truly accessible by all.  The online academy allows us to deliver affordable, effective training on a large scale, aligning your teams and promoting positive relationships.  We strongly believe that leadership development is for all.  Drive engagement and performance by raising the bar across your whole organisation and developing leaders everywhere.  In fact we are so sure of the positive impact of our work we are able to provide detailed cultural analytic measurement of key performance indicators.  


To change the behaviour of today to what is needed to create the future, demands a complete holistic approach and the creation of a cohesive senior team.

The core principle of creating a brilliant senior leadership team is to start with the individual then develop a culture of trust through team coaching that enables the depth of dialogue an SLT needs to function at their best.  Our holistic methodology, using the power of story, raises personal performance and removes dysfunctions within the team creating a deep understanding and commitment to “T” shaped leadership – the vertical represents their individual accountability for their function and the horizontal their collective responsibility for the whole.
  • 1-2-1 interviews and coaching
  • Team workshops 
  • Team coaching sessions
  • Continuous development workshops


EMEA Software Company

A two day programme with the senior leadership team, working on the principles of Compassionate Leadership – to create a leadership culture and establish cohesion for a geographically dispersed leadership group.  MT continued working with the company to embed the behavioural framework into the wider organisational structure.


The Guiding Message delivers organisation wide clarity, alignment and commitment to the strategic vision. It aligns head, hand and heart and is a vital part of delivering sustainable high performance.  It is the definition of organisational culture and the source of strong commitment and organisational resilience.

It becomes the decision making, empowerment & engagement tool. It is the go to reference for leadership and establishes the base line criteria on which organisations can be measured.

Through a series of interviews, workshops and events, MTI will steer and guide this vital piece of work to create your Guiding Message, bringing together:

  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Strategic Focus
  • Value


UK High Street Retailer

Though all the staff and leaders were working hard and with best intent, the company, had lost its way and was in a dangerous economic position.   MT worked with the Board of Directors and then all management levels to align and commit to a purpose and core values.  MT continued to advise and mentor members of the senior leadership team.    Within twelve months, the leadership teams managed to rescue what looked to be a terminal decline.

Using our unique online Compassionate Leadership Academy (CLA).  Engagement Packages include:

  • Kick Off Event and key-stage workshops – We can deliver a senior leadership team or whole organisation inspiring motivational event to create awareness of the principles of Compassionate Leadership.
  • Senior Leadership Team development + CLA. A powerful and effective way of creating a cultural transformation of compassion is for us to work deeply with the senior leadership team in parallel with cohorts within the organisation completing the CLA online course.
  • Bespoke Programme – CLA can be integrated into your existing company LMS portal. It can be “white labelled” to incorporate your company logo and message.


Global Medical Company

Currently offering CLA as part of their in-house learning and development package.  Investing in their employees to promote self-development and growth, strengthen the internal opportunity for promotion and create a coherent culture of behaviour.

With our partners at the HPO Centre, and MyPeople Group we are able to measure the impact of our work, before, during and after the implementation of our leadership programmes.  This provides an independent external validation of our programmes and key performance information for strategy planning and focus.

For further information click here

By combining all the elements of our products and services we can deliver a truly sustainable whole organisation High Performance Cultural Alignment transformation.  The impact can be measured both internally and within the wider stakeholders.

  • Guiding Message – set a clear strategic intent
  • Senior Leadership Team Performance – create a strong, unified senior team
  • HPO – a scientifically validated structure that can be used to decide what to focus upon to achieve sustainable high performance
  • The Compassionate Leadership Academy – invest in your employees development and growth – gain full workforce commitment
  • MyPeople – measure the impact – performance and engagement analytics
  • The Book – the philosophies and psychology of behavioural transformation
  • The Manley – at strategic points along the journey – utilise Manley’s experience as a keynote speaker and a leading voice on compassionate leadership to motivate, inspire and challenge your team.


UK Data Centre

MT have been involved for the last seven years, during which the workforce has quadrupled and the company was accredited with Investors in People Platinum Award – the highest accolade possible focussed on employee engagement, welfare and development. The company have a clear and powerful Guiding Message and a strong cohesive management structure.  MT are also working within the supply chain to further promote successful relationships and team development.

The alignment of culture to strategic intent is the key to its delivery. The creation of culture requires all employees to behave in an aligned manner; that is the definition of culture. For people to commit to behave in a certain way, consistently and with psychological safety, there must be an alignment with the cultural norms and their own unique value sets; this is the source of commitment.

This commitment at an individual level is vital, as with commitment comes engagement, collaboration, innovation, ownership, resilience, well-being, happiness and performance. We have designed a simple yet powerful e learning course for all employees within the organisation to engage and embed the organisations values and behaviours creating a coherent positive culture.

Case Study
We have a number of clients who are using this powerful tool to re-integrate their team returning to the office.  It has also been used to onboard new employees recruited during the pandemic to familiarise them with the organisations core values.

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