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An internationally acclaimed and admired motivational speaker, Manley uses powerful metaphors to enliven the topics of leadership, “team-ship” and “self-ship” all with a focus on delivering high performance.  With the core of his talks revolving around his phenomenal experiences, as a Hong Kong Policeman, skipper in a Global Yacht Race and winner of the inaugural race to the Magnetic North Pole, Manley develops the personal themes of fulfilling your and your team’s potential and achieving far beyond your own perceived abilities, as well as drawing on numerous leadership and team development lessons. All of this, in his unique, refreshing and very entertaining style.

Manley will always work with the client to ensure that the content of his talk or presentation is entirely aligned with their themes and goals. Manley offers keynote talks at client conferences, before and after dinner talks and MC services. Let us know what your requirements are and Manley will be in touch to discuss them with you.

As well as speaking at conferences and other team events, Manley runs tailored workshops and Compassionate Leadership programmes for individual clients.

“Give a team a real sense of purpose and direction, motivate and inspire them (lead them) and it is incredible what can be achieved”

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