The Science

HPO process

The HPO framework was developed from a two- phase research project to examine the factors that determine sustainable high performance.

The initial 5 year literature review of 290 books and academic publications was carried by Dr de Waal Ph.D., MBA, MSc. Andre has advised over 200 global companies on strategic performance management. The review findings were tested and refined based on responses from over 1400 organisations in 50 countries.

From this research – which to date has been presented at 17 academic conferences and published in 14 scientific journals – five factors turn out to be decisive as to whether an organization can be considered an HPO or not. They are

Within these 5 factors there are 35 corresponding characteristics
“27 of the 35 characteristics are about people and relationships!”

The research shows that there is a direct and positive relationship between these 5 factors and competitive performance; The higher the scores on these factors, the better the organisations results and the lower, the lower.

By focussing on these 5 factors and their corresponding characteristics, organisations
 are proven to achieve higher performance
over a sustained period. To date, over 200 organisations worldwide have used the HPO framework and studies have shown a direct and positive relationship between the identified HPO factors and competitive performance.

The HPO framework is a scientifically validated approach which can be used for deciding what to do to improve organisational performance and make it sustainable.

Andre has published over 250 articles and 24 books from his research and continues to develop the science behind High Performance.



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