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"There are basically two types of worthwhile management books: those with an evidence-based foundation and those with an experience-based foundation. In the latter you want to read the thoughts and experiences of seasoned people who can convey their pearls of wisdom in an inspirational way. This is certainly the case with "Compassionate Leadership" in which you not only almost literally hear Manley speak but you also feel as if you are travelling with him through his life and leadership experiences. And the nicest thing: you don't have to go through all the hardship Manley encountered to profit from all his wise lessons!"

Dr. André de Waal MBA - Academic Director - HPO Center, Netherlands Associate Professor - Maastricht School of Management. Author of 'What Makes a High Performance Organization' 18th May 2016

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“We are in a time of disruptive leadership change. Compassion is our way forward. Manley has presented an abundantly wise and carefully crafted guide for all leaders to help us travel on our collective journey with ease and grace.”

Sue Cheshire - Founder & M.D., Global Leaders Academy 18th May 2016

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"Thanks very much for making such a great impact on our audience!"

Andrea Davis - International Communications Manager - Xerox Europe & UK 18th May 2016

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"I thought your presentation was great with some really powerful messages. Also, I could tell the delegates enjoyed it from the number of questions they asked at the end! I hope to work with you again in the future."

Lynn Nicholson - Barclays 18th May 2016

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“Well what a breath of fresh air you were at our HR conference! You had the "meerkat" effect on all of my team from Glasgow. The "meerkat" effect is when people sit up straight, concentrate, pay attention and do the long neck thing to get a better look! You have probably heard all this before and the feedback you get is no doubt amazing or else you wouldn't be doing what you do! Loved your natural flair, gift or whatever you want to call it that you have for story telling."

Training Team Manager - Operational Learning & Development, Retail Division, RBS 18th May 2016

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"It was a pleasure to meet you and to hear your presentation. We've had a great deal of positive feedback - people enjoyed it tremendously. We only occasionally treat ourselves to a guest speaker and you really made the day for us."

Martin Trott - Executive Officer to the Sergeant at Arms - House of Commons 18th May 2016

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“Human beings are incredible but why is it that companies so often diminish their people’s vast capability? With a clear vision, a well communicated plan and visible ‘Compassionate Leadership’ in a values based culture, the power of collective brilliance enables us to achieve almost anything. This is Manley’s quest; to unleash the true potential of individuals and their teams, thereby enabling their companies to consistently outperform their peer group. His approach is both disciplines and challenging, but also immensely human and the more effective for it. All that Manley advances he lives by, constantly testing and adapting. He has consistently created high performing cultures in the engagements that we have worked on together for the last seven years. This book is well worth reading for both you and your business.”

Huw Owen - CEO - Ark Data Centres 18th May 2016

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"A personal and most readable introduction to the fundamentals of good leadership, enlivened by the author's rich and varied experience. Anyone who aspires to be a leader will find in its pages both guidance and encouragement"

John Adair - Academic, Leadership theorist, Author 18th May 2016

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“The HPO Framework brought viable facts and data-based framework. It gave us sets of activities that we could undertake to endeavour to improve towards becoming a High Performance Organisation. It gave us a vision, something to aim for.  It helped to generate the drastic improvement in delivery that we managed to instigate.”

Huw T. Owen - CEO - Ark Data Centres 18th May 2016

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“We found the HPO Diagnosis process to be incredibly valuable. The study showed not only what makes Archway great, but we also now have statistically valid Attention Points to work on that tie back to the Five Pillars. This needs to become an annual benchmarking process for all organizations striving to become and remain high performing.  Dr. de Waal’s definition of a High Performance Organization should be the world-wide standard.”

Mike Moroz - President - Archway (USA) 18th May 2016



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