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You sense Manley Hopkinson can always find time for that question. He is the sort of man you would follow to the ends of the earth. Indeed, many have. A tall, strapping, unstoppably charismatic optimist – the sort that sees rain as “liquid sunshine” – this former naval officer has led expeditions to the North Pole and skippered a yacht crew round the world “the wrong way,” that is, into the winds, as part of the BT Global Challenge. If anyone knows about leadership, he does. Watch him and you know what leadership looks like. Listen to him and you learn what it entails.

Turnaround Management Association 18th May 2016

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In his book and as a speaker Manley brings personal experience, academic study and humour to enable others to learn.  At every turn there is insight and the opportunity to reflect on how one wishes to be as a leader, and, as fallible human beings, how we can fall short.


Shaun Sawyer - Chief Constable, Devon & Cornwall Police 18th May 2016

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"Manley was great – the guests all loved listening to him. And such a lovely man too. He fitted perfectly with the event. "

RBS 18th May 2016

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"I thought your presentation on leadership was really outstanding and the way you used sport to illustrate this is of particular interest to us here in Bath."

Professor Veronica Hope Hailey, BA Hons, MSc, PhD, FCIPD, FCMI - School of Management, University of Bath 18th May 2016

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"I can honestly say, that having sat through many many Pre /After Dinner speakers in my time, yours was certainly among the Top 5.  Informative, fun and engaging."

Edward Murray - CEO Omni Group 18th May 2016

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"I attended the IIP seminar yesterday in Manchester and absolutely loved your engaging, honest and energy filled presentation."

Esther Davies - Head of HR & Business Services - Crest Plus Accountancy 18th May 2016

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"I thought Manley's exposé was very powerful; a rare combination of wit and real depth. Fantastic. I must now read the book."

PWC 18th May 2016

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"I have had the chance to speak to some of my colleagues and they are unanimous in their praise for the session you gave us yesterday. I am personally grateful that you were able to give up your time to help us inspire others. We gave you the difficult after lunch slot, but you had the audience in your hands.  

As a public speaker you have such a very fine delivery style, a very good balance of wit and guidance. I can see how you must inspire people to follow you, even into the eye of the storm with confidence. On behalf of the Wing Commander I would to say thank you for providing us with a truly inspirational session.

 I hope our paths cross again at some point. All the best with the next adventure."

Sqn Ldr John G Heath - RAF VR(T) 18th May 2016

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"It was great to meet you during the training in the US and have to say it was definitely the best training sessions I have ever attended. Your energy and passion come through clearly and I hope that we can carry that on to our teams. Hopefully, we will see you sometime next year for the "next steps" so we keep the momentum going. Cheers"

Jeff Day - Global Director I.T. - Teleflex 18th May 2016

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"When doing ‘business reading’ I tend to annotate & dog ear my copy of the book so I can go back to the sections which resonated most, were the most insightful, or where my own interpretation of the exercises made me stop & think. I don’t think I’ve ever dog eared a book as much as this! Lots of value in that & reading back through these highlights I’ll be weaving them into my management tool kit. As I said at the top though; it didn’t feel like a ‘business read’; there was plenty of pace & it was a pleasure to read which is a rare combination; well done & hurrah!"

Guy Lister - Chief Customer & Marketing Officer - Office 18th May 2016

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