High Performance Centre

High Performance Center

High Performance Diagnostic

The HPO Centre is an independent, international research and inspiration centre for the permanent performance improvement of organisations. Located in Holland, the goal of the HPO Centre, is to create a bridge between the scientific research by Dr Andre de Waal Ph.D. MBA MSc, into the success factors of HPO’s (2002-2006), and its application worldwide (2007- to today and tomorrow).

The HPO framework is a scientifically validated approach which can be used for deciding what to do to improve organisational performance and make it sustainable. It is the result of over a decade’s research into what really makes a difference to performance.

Benchmarking your organisations performance against it peer group, across the five factors that are scientifically proven to determine sustainable high performance, provides a powerful diagnostic of where improvement and focus is needed to deliver sustainable High Performance.

Since the first publication of the HPO framework in 2006, more than 200 organisations worldwide have applied the learnings, with many further studies being based on it. This has made it possible to evaluate both the financial and non- financial benefits that applying the framework can bring to organisations.