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The core elements of the online CLA programme are:

1. Regular cadence of learning with 40 minute modules and a 7-day scheduled opportunity to apply learning. Circular programme of interlocking learning, based on the science of behavioural change and neural-physiology.

2. Unique creation of a compassionate leadership “mindset” and awareness, followed by  practical leadership tools.

3. Analytics that allow for organisational alignment of understanding and application.

4. Management reporting with anonymised program engagement data.

5. Downloadable materials and online FAQ’s and support.

6. Regular prompts, testing and certification stages.

There are two distinct parts of the CLA Core Programme:

1. Individual Authenticity:

The first 2 months, the Introduction to Compassionate Leadership, sets the scene on the principles and concepts of compassion and leadership. With a focus on raising the learners’ self-awareness, emotional intelligence and sense of self-worth to create the mindset of a compassionate leader, they will develop their own purpose statement, own story and Iceberg – a metaphor to articulate their inner motivations, needs, beliefs, values and social filters  The student understand more about the neural-physiology of behavioural change, and what it takes to learn effectively, and develop a keen understanding of the power of story.

2. Collective Brilliance

The Main Programme consists of 12 individual yet interdependent and building modules on the application of compassion in leadership, relationships and self-development. This is a hugely powerful programme of personal development. Topics covered include; Communication, Delegation, Power & Influence, Time & Task, Feedback, Motivation, Coaching, Decision Making, Situational Leadership, Balanced Leadership, Building Trust and Relationship Awareness. Each subject is presented from the perspective of receiving as well as giving; our firm belief is that leadership, collaboration and teamwork are all two-way processes.


Having completed the Core Programme, you are now ready to enrol on the Masterclass Programme, an additional 26 modules co-created with established leading thinkers & actors in their space, and introducing new and exciting challengers.

The Masterclass Programme widens the scope and the reach of the CLA, using the understanding and tools of the Core Programme. Many of the Masterclass Programmes develop into individual series of life-long learning through a new extended subscription model.


In partnership with My People Group, and as an integral part of the CLA programme, we will apply best practice research and analytics, providing evidence of the performance impact achieved by the CLA programme. Access to this incredible knowledge allows you to track and measure the impact of the CLA across all aspects of your life. The measures will include, mood, psychological safety, organisation capital, job capital and social capital – all proven factors in well being and performance.

My People are performance and engagement analysts, data scientists and psychologists, driving the performance analytics that link culture and leadership to performance.  Success stories include: GB Cycling, GB Rowing, Team Sky, Leicester Football & both Saracens and the British & Irish Lions Rugby. 

The results are extraordinary performances, including over 30 World Championship titles, more than 20 Olympic Gold medals, 1 rugby Six Nations Grand Slam, 3 Six Nations Tournament win, 2 undefeated Lions tours, 1 Premier League title and 3 Tour de France wins. Their work also contributed to the foundation of the marginal gains approach.





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