Compassionate Leadership Book

Compassionate Leadership Book

Compassionate Leadership Book

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‘To secure the best for, and the best out of your people, your organisation, your stakeholders and yourself’

“Compassionate Leadership: How to create and maintain engaged, committed and high-performing teams” was published in 2014. In this highly acclaimed, entertaining and hugely readable book, Manley combines the two worlds of business and adventure to encourage leaders everywhere – at work, at home, in sports and mid-ocean – to take a new approach to creating teams of developed, self-aware and committed individuals.

Forcing compliance is easy. Anyone can ‘make’ another do a task or a job. It will get done, but when, and to what standard? High performance and, more importantly, sustained high performance can only come from engagement with and commitment to the job in hand.

This book will introduce you to the art of compassionate leadership – the art of getting the best for and out of people through the fulfilment of self-worth. It will show leaders how to give their teams a real sense of purpose and direction, to motivate and inspire them to perform at a high level.

To illustrate his message, author Manley Hopkinson draws on his background as a board member of companies including ATLAS Consortium and Hewlett Packard Defence UK, his career as an inspirational speaker and his adventures as skipper in the BT Global Challenge (a round-the -world yacht race) and in the Polar Race, an expedition style race to the Magnetic North Pole.

With increased pressure on businesses to cut costs while increasing productivity, getting the most from your team is even more important than ever. This book shows you how to use compassionate leadership techniques to inspire your team to consistently perform at a high level.

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